We are all aware at the problem head lice are becoming.  Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew there was help that actually worked AND people can afford?  Now there is!!



Lice Pro is a company dedicated to helping families everywhere win the battle against these nasty little creatures. 
We offer support at our location a flat fee of $25/head/treatment*.  We no longer provide mobile service, everyone loves the $100 deal, we do help with education on prevention and what you can do should you find them again one day.  We care about people and want to make the stress a little less.

We also offer a head check program at a low cost of...$1/child! 
Wouldn't you love to be at a school that is proactive in the prevention of lice? 
Stop it before it starts!  Students will miss less school, parents will miss less work, and all around there will be that much less work for everyone involved if head lice can be prevented.

Honestly, as a parent or someone dealing with head lice, what would you spend at a store buying necessary products that you hope will get rid of it?  I can personally say that when we first dealt with it 9 years ago, our first trip was $115 AND NOTHING WORKED!!  Some of the products you buy from the pharmacy aren't as effective anymore because they haven’t changed their formula in over 40 years. Do you want to chance that?  Not to mention how harsh some products can be, ours is pesticide free and has next to no odour.
Call, text or email us today and let us help you.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we have been there and will take the time to teach you what we know.  It really isn't as tough to get rid of as you might think!

Thank you,
Wendy Grischow
Lice Pro
Tel: 519-239-9909
We’re not nice to lice!


We use pesticide free products and the best possible comb for "deadly" results.

*$100 paid in cash at first visit

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